Clash of Clans Bot 2016

Have you ever wondered how top players are capable of staying above 4000 trophies? Or maybe why your Clan War opponents have maxed walls even though their towers are under leveled? You may think there is a but the answer is quite simple – Clash of Clans which automatically farms for you , Elixir and/or Dark Elixir without requiring any human’s help.

Clash of Clans Bot 2016

Clash of Clans Bot

So you may wonder how this Bot can help you in Clash of Clans. Whether you’re trophy pushing for that 2000 gem reward in Champions or farming resources, this bot does it all. Most players want to max their base and upgrade as many buildings and troops as possible, but does it really have to be that hard? Why waste your time and effort, grinding away to finally get that 1 lava wall after many hours? This is the point where RaccoonBot comes in, automatically raiding and finding the best bases to attack after building custom troops set by you. Need to find the best configurations to raid? We share optimal settings for every Town Hall level with all RaccoonBot users making sure you are getting the maximum possible resources every day.

Clash of Clans Bot 2016

We guarantee that you will have so much gold and elixir flooding in that even 5 builders cannot keep up. This is why we highly recommend you to leave 1 builder to upgrade walls so that your storages don’t get maxed. For highly maxed TH10 users this may differ, because farming ressources at this level isn’t that much profitable anymore, but you will experience this by yourself anyways with our CoC bot.


Clash of Clans Bot 2016

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  1. someone19 says:

    Works perfect, thanks man.

  2. RobbyW says:

    works fine thank you soooo much

  3. 1jordan6 says:

    working on bluestacks 2?

  4. samb says:

    Thanks man!

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